E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce is growing everyday. It will make up 22% of global retail sales by 2023.

Good e-commerce experiences center around the customer and the devices they use. They also provide solutions for the people managing the store, logistics, marketing, and finance.


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We help brands make money online.

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We support our clients’ online presence and expertly implement sales and promotion strategies. We believe in the power of online marketing and center all our interactive services around it. We are the answer for both the individual needs of clients as well as complete projects – from idea to execution. We help you gain a competitive advantage, significantly improve the visibility of your brand online and attract new clients.

website design

Beautifully Designed

Companies with a well-designed website tend to earn more trust and referrals. The websites we design are well organized, clean, visually pleasing and provide a good user experience. In addition, they are easy to manage.

Payment Processing

Many factors are considered when choosing a payment gateway. Your accounting system, transaction fees, product types, subscriptions, and integration complexity, all need to be considered before deciding on a solution.

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Shipping Solutions

How is your business delivering your products? You might have a simple integration with UPS, USPS, or FedEx. Or you might have unique shipping needs like custom packaging or dropshipping. The logistics of your shipping strategy requires a full evaluation.

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Inventory Management

Customers are used to accurately knowing if items are in-stock, back-ordered, special order, and when more inventory is available. It should be straight forward to manage your inventory successfully. Sometimes that means integrating with an ERP solution.

Sell Across Devices

E-commerce stores used to be designed for desktop purchasing experiences. Nowadays, customers do much of their research from their mobile devices and expect all the same functionality of a full-featured e-commerce experience but in the palm of their hand with a beautiful, clean, responsive design.

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System Integrations

Every e-commerce assessment includes research into the required software integrations needed by your business. Simply installing e-commerce software is not good enough, and integrating an ERP, CRM, or Marketing Automation solution is required to manage marketing leads and inventory.

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E-Commerce Marketing

Creating a storefront is the first step in the e-commerce journey. But you’ll need to market your products or services to receive the benefit of your investment. Strong product SEO, cart abandonment strategies, PPC strategies are required to stand out in a crowd.

page speed optimization

Page Speed & Performance

Websites that are slow to load see a much larger bounce rate than those that load quickly. Fast loading websites also rank better for search engine rankings. Our team follows best practices to help your site perform well.

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Back Office Tools

Sometimes e-commerce platforms gaps in functionality that you need. We advise businesses to create custom back-office software to manage their workflow. Custom tools can increase throughput and decrease the pain in working with a solution that doesn’t exactly fit with your needs.

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Send us your brief

Need some help? Give us a brief idea of what you need and we will get in touch soon.

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Creative & Responsive Design

100% Local & Singaporean

Our Process

Discovery &

E-Commerce Strategy

Each project includes a multi-hour strategic working session to ensure that our teams are aligned with your e-commerce strategy and your wants and need.

E-Commerce Design &


Our designers create websites that motivate visitors and our technologists provide functionality that empowers marketers. Our team is agile and well managed.

Quality Assurance & Usability Testing

Your website should be tested on the browsers and devices that your customers use. We’ll test visuals, custom integrations, calls-to-action and user experience.

Tech Support &


It’s important to us that our clients feel supported through the launching process. That’s why we fix any issues found up to 90 days after your website goes live.

Frequently Asked Question

Do you have experiences with integrated shipping requirements?

Shipping could be one of the toughest logistical challenges to overcome for an e-commerce solution. If your products are straight forward and you can reliably price the shipping cost to your customers, then you are in great shape.

We’ve built solutions that solve these problems with a full discovery process so we can scope out the work.

Will my online store be optimized for mobile devices?

We only build websites that are mobile responsive. Mobile users account for the vast majority of customer research and it requires providing a great desktop and mobile versions of the website. It’s vital to create an experience that works great on mobile devices and also is beautiful and functional on a larger screen.

Which e-Commerce platforms do you recommend?

With all things technology, the answer is “it depends” here is a breakdown of our criteria when making a recommendation for an e-commerce solution.

  • Simple stores with no customization: We first look to WooCommerce and Shopify. The deciding factor is if the site requires a CMS or customizations, then we lean towards using WordPress with WooCommerce. If the site is 100% cloud-based with no real customizations, then Shopify is achoice.
  • Stores with customizations and/or a CMS: Our first test is to determine if WooCommerce will satisfy the requirements of the project. WooCommerce is typically is our first choice, and if WooCommerce doesn’t work, then we look at Magento. We would not recommend cloud solutions like Shopify. In this case, they do not allow many customizations and are not particularly a good CMS.
  • Solutions for non-traditional stores: If you have a store like a video streaming service, then we would recommend a custom-built solution.

How will you build my website? Custom theme from scratch or template theme?

We build custom WordPress themes. If you have a limited budget of around $10,000 we do utilize a pre-built theme to accommodate budget constraints.

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